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Acer campaign: The Little Things 


Product featured: Acer's campaign to promote a sustainable lifestyle featuring the Aspire Vero

Role: Sr. Art Director (Art and design)


We needed to launch a new Acer device and share the company’s mission to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. Acer's newest laptop features a recycled plastic body and 100% recyclable packaging, and it is easily upgradable.


Designit launched the integrated campaign “The Little Things” across multiple channels including broadcast, display, and social media. We showed consumers that Acer not only builds sustainable devices but also shares their mission of working toward a sustainable future.


Promote a sustainable product by inspiring a sustainable lifestyle. 

Our research showed that many consumers were already striving for a sustainable lifestyle. With an audience actively seeking sustainable products and attempting to maintain sustainable habits, we saw an opportunity to position the Aspire Vero as a device that gives consumers the opportunity to invest in a greener tomorrow.


We not only showed consumers that Acer builds sustainable devices, but we also shared their mission of working toward a sustainable future.



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