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Acer campaign: Xbox Game Pass


Product featured: Xbox Game Pass 1-month trial on Acer and Predator gaming devices

Role: Associate Creative Director (Concept development, talent direction, and set design) 


How do we create a campaign that elicits an immediate response from an audience that scrolls past ads? AND how do we increase awareness and conversion of a one-month free trial?


We developed an idea for a video campaign leveraging the power of TikTOk and its creators to demonstrate how easy the trial is to activate and how immersive XBGP can be once you get started -- a step-by-step guide how-to guide. 


We knew the answer lay within TikTok. With its brilliant blend of comedy, information, and audience reach, the platform was our best way to share a direct-response message—signing up for the Xbox Game Pass trial—wrapped in an entertaining package that drew the audience in rather than making them scroll by. That’s when the fun began.

Paid Social video ad created by influencers to help promote Xbox Game Pass 


TikTok video created in-house to help promote Xbox Game Pass 

Paid Social ad and Reddit ad created in-house to help promote Xbox Game Pass 

The result was relatable content that persuaded viewers to sign up for their one-month trials of Xbox Game Pass.

Designit created content that went above and beyond expectations. Not only did we succeed in reaching our target audience, boosting awareness, and driving sign-ups for the one-month trial of Xbox Game Pass, but we also showed that high-performing content can have serious entertainment value.



audience reactions

23% increase

in sign-ups

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