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Acer event: Reveal (CES '23)

Product featured: Various Acer device announcements

Role: Sr. Art Director (Concept, art, and design)


Execute another remote, virtually driven CES event to showcase Acer’s new pillars, missions, and hardware for the upcoming year.


Reveal shines a spotlight on Acer’s 2022 product lineup and offers transparency into our efforts to do and be better for the Earth. Reveal pulls back the curtain on what Acer has been doing to further the cause, and offers glimpses into the future of sustainability, our innovative products, and the people who use them to build a better future for all.


We went all-in not only on the message of sustainability, but on the experience itself. We created an immersive in-person space complete with AR integration, a product showcase in an explorable virtual 3d space, and a microsite complete with video content and networking capabilities: 360° rendered product showcase,

In addition, we crafted a companion campaign to bring awareness to and solicit engagement around the event, which consisted of email and social media distribution. 



unique visitors


impressions across paid and organic social

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