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Acer social media

Product line: Acer laptops and Predator Gaming devices

Agency: Designit

Role: Associate Creative Director (Copy and visual concepts) // Content Creator (DP and editor) // Producer // Talent

Product-focused content

These Instagram Reels showcase the brand's product line through fun and entertaining seasonal  evergreen content.

Participating in seasonal Spring cleaning content with this stop motion video showcasing the Acer Asoire Vero

A fan favorite. Predator Gaming audiences enjoy seeing new device unboxings featuring the Predator Helios Neo 16

A seasonal product post demonstrating the use of Copilot on the Acer Swift Go in this fun visual execution

Original and trending content

We craft original short form video content and also participate in trending moments that align to the Acer and Predator Gaming brand positioning.

We produced a Wes Anderson style video featuring the new Helios Neo

A trending tactic during this season, we created a Halloween themed "Choose your Character" 

This popular greenscreen tactic on TikTok was leveraged to show off the Acer Vero product line visual aesthetic and appeal

As a part of Acer's seasonal content, this pop-culture  themed post engaged users with this nostalgic reference

This first person POV tactic helped us create a feeling for viewers to experience the actions shown in the video

This original content post helped convey the multiple uses cases someone might experience in the workplace


Here's a collection of beauty product shots captured for social media, which are meant to captivate as well as inform viewers of Acer's product line aesthetics and functionality.

Beauty product video showcasing the new Helios Neo 16 

Beauty product video showcasing the new Acer Swift Go 14

Beauty product video showcasing the Predator Gaming accessories

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